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TERRAVIT DroughtGuard – Fortifying crops against droughts

In the face of unpredictable weather patterns, TERRAVIT DroughtGuard can improve the soil’s water dynamics with its blend of insect frass, calcium, silicon, and bentonite. Enhancing the water-holding capacity and improving plant resilience, it enables the soil to conserve moisture efficiently and empower crops to endure drought and salinity stress.

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Introducing TERRAVIT NutriGuard and DroughtGuard – Nature’s Solution for Soil Improvement

We are excited to introduce two innovative soil improvers; TERRAVIT NutriGuard and TERRAVIT DroughtGuard. TERRAVIT NutriGuard enhances nutrient utilization efficiency, promoting soil fertility and healthy crops. TERRAVIT DroughtGuard improves water-holding capacity and fortifies crops against drought and salinity, ensuring optimal performance in challenging conditions. TERRAVIT NutriGuard and TERRAVIT DroughtGuard are

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