PRIMAX – The best of both worlds

MeMon has a wide range of high-quality organo-mineral fertilizers. Organo-mineral fertilizers combine the best of both worlds. They increase nutrient use efficiency while adding organic matter and enhancing soil health.

Compared to raw animal manure and organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers have a higher nutrient content so lower application rates can be used. Organo-mineral fertilizers are in general more uniform with better predictable nutrient release and availability. This results in a higher nutrient use efficiency.

Organic matter matters

The advantage of organo-mineral fertilizers compared to pure mineral fertilizers is the supply of a range of nutrients and trace elements in addition to organic matter. Adding organic matter to the soil improves the soil structure and the capacity of the soil to store and release essential nutrients. It is also vital in coping with droughts and erratic rainfall by improving the water-holding capacity of the soil. Furthermore, organic matter is the key factor in making soils more resilient and improving the activity and diversity of micro-organisms. The fertilizers have a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional mineral fertilizers and are part of a circular economy.


MeMon offers a wide range of organo-mineral fertilizers under the brand name PRIMAX. The PRIMAX range is produced by combining circular and organic materials with mineral components. The organo-mineral fertilizers are available in all-in-one pellets and granular blends. 

The different formulas of PRIMAX and product sheets can be found here.