About us

The organic way to soil fertility

The need for healthy soils and sustainable production is greater than ever. Since the early 1990s MeMon is specialized in improving soil health and soil fertility by using circular and organic materials. We develop, produce and distribute affordable, high quality fertilizers with respect for the environment. 

MeMon produces organic and organo-mineral fertilizers and soil improvers for both conventional and organic markets. We are active in seventy countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.


Solid basis 

Our head office is located in Arnhem, the Netherlands. With its intensive agriculture and livestock farming, the Netherlands has a reputation for high quality and affordable raw materials which we use in our products. MeMon has multiple production sites. Our production units offer a high degree of flexibility, enabling swift and customized production. We continually search for expansion of our production facilities and optimization of our production methods.


At MeMon, we highly value the cooperation with our partners. Next to our own well-known brands we work together with our partners to create innovative products that suit specific crop needs, local soil and climate conditions.