Leader in organic fertilizers

MeMon develops organic and organo-mineral fertilizers for professional maintenance of sports fields, golf links and public green. This in close cooperation with expert partners specialized in advice and sales on these markets. Focusing on the soil and the environment, we jointly achieve affordable fertilizers that are efficient and convenient to apply.

For golf tees and fairways and sports fields, we offer various compositions for preseed, spring, summer, autumn and all-season fertilizers supplied in a unique 2-5 mm granule. Additionally, we have fertilizers in 1-2 mm fine granules for use on golf greens and other fine grass grounds. In some of our golf fertilizers, we combine the benefits of organic, slow-release nitrogen with quick and slow release mineral nitrogen. We use methylene urea for this long-term controlled performance. All our sports and golf fertilizers contain magnesium and trace elements for a deep green colour and a healthy, solid, disease resistant turf.

For fertilizing public parks and gardens (lawns, borders and planting), we supply 100% organic fertilizers in pellets and crumbs. This fulfils the wishes of the environmentally conscious gardening professionals committed to maintaining a healthy soil and to efficient use of nutrients.

MeMon’s organic-based fertilizers ensure natural release and effective use of nutrients (lower leaching rate). The supply of organic matter stimulates biological soil activity and improves soil structure. This ensures an excellent air and water balance promoting root development and increasing resistance against drought and diseases.

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