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MONTERRA fertilizers are produced in conformity with EU Directives 2021/1165 and 2018/848 and are therefore allowed to be used in organic agriculture. MeMon’s production units for organic fertilizers are controlled and certified by the Dutch certification organisation Control Union Certifications. The MeMon CUC license number is CU 800842.

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Top Selling Monterra FORMULAS

MONTERRA 13-0-0  85% Organic Matter          Quickly available nitrogen for growth boost TDS - PDF
MONTERRA 9-7-1  80% Organic Matter High organic nitrogen and phosphate content       TDS - PDF
MONTERRA 4-10-2  65% Organic Matter Emphasize on high phosphate content TDS - PDF
MONTERRA  1-1-15  50% Organic Matter Emphasize on high potassium content TDS - PDF
MONTERRA  7-1-4 70% Organic Matter 100% Vegetal enriched fertilizer TDS - PDF
MONTERRA  3-1.5-3.5   70% Organic Matter 100% Vegetal basic fertilizer TDS - PDF
MONTERRA FREE-RANGE CHICKEN MANURE       65% Organic Matter Well-balanced NPK with high calcium content TDS - PDF

Custom-made formulas on demand

Areas of application:

vegetables · fruit trees · vineyards · citrus · strawberries · arboriculture  

Presentation: 4-5 mm pellets, coated crumb
Packing: 25 kg bags, big bags (all sizes), bulk

• 100% organic; allowed to be used for organic agriculture (EU 2021/1165 and EU 2018/848)
• Combined supply of nutrients and organic matter
• Easy to apply and clean fertilizers

Possible additives: Mycorrhiza - Bacteria - Humic Acids - Zeolite - others
More information: Product sheet - PDF ADVANTAGES ADDITIVES - PDF
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